Michelle Everst

 “Pick Me” Materials: Galvanized utility wire, Olefin Mesh, acrylic paint, vinyl
“Pick Me,” is a gigantic, larger-than-life dandelion crafted from a combination of industrial and craft materials. This bold, cheerful, and eye-catching piece is designed to capture the public’s attention and invite closer inspection. By altering the scale of a common dandelion, I aim to inspire a sense of wonder and encourage viewers to engage more deeply with everyday objects. Dandelions beg to be picked and wished upon, and through this sculpture, I hope viewers will reconnect with these traditions and appreciate nature’s beauty wherever it grows. I encourage viewers to find beauty in the mundane and reconsider what is often deemed invasive and pesky.  
Michelle is a mixed media artist known for transforming everyday materials into captivating works of art. With a background as a florist spanning 17 years, she draws profound inspiration from the natural world, infusing each piece with the beauty and complexity found in nature.
Specializing in the use of accessible materials including many found objects-particularly plastics, Michelle creates dynamic and thought-provoking installations. By playing with scale, she captures the viewer’s attention through objects of unusual size, inviting a closer inspection that reveals the true nature of the materials used. This tactile engagement challenges perceptions and encourages a deeper appreciation for the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary.
A significant aspect of Michelle’s artistic philosophy is accessibility. By placing art in public spaces, she aims to surprise and delight passersby, bringing a moment of joy and wonder to their daily lives. This approach ensures that art is not confined to galleries and museums but is an unexpected gift to everyone, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.
Michelle’s work has been celebrated for its ability to evoke smiles and spark curiosity, making art an integral part of the everyday landscape. Through her innovative use of materials and commitment to public engagement, she continues to enrich the world with creativity and joy.