Sit/Stay Gallery Presents: Molly Blumberg, Rebecca Griffith, and Kenzie in Motion Studio

Molly Blumberg
Trained as a sculptor and a papermaker, Molly’s work is grounded in an extreme engagement with materiality. Through a playfully physical studio practice and a dedication to process-based exploration, she explores how it feels to be a body. 
Rebecca Griffith
Jaws, 1975 & Jaws, Box Cover
Rebecca Griffith’s work examines the process of caregiving for a parent’s chronic disease and coping with this from a young age to adulthood. By excavating selected VHS cassettes and imagery from movies, Griffith recalls a time in her life when her mother was not diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was independently running a video store in the early 1990s. Griffith uses the VHS to address how we process information, and memory by creating delicate quilts, collages, and installations from films of her childhood.
Kenzie Jean
Performance piece on Friday June 28th
As an art director and creative producer, Kenzie’s latest photo project blends artistic expression with current social commentary.
In collaboration with Sit/Stay Gallery, Kenzie in Motion Studio will capture 35mm portraits and live interviews, commemorating the vibrant spirit of Logan Square, Chicago. 
Through this immersive exhibit, Kenzie wants to inspire, connect, and make space for thought-provoking dialogue within the community, encouraging the belief that art not only serves as a bridge for empathy and understanding, but also for curiosity, play, and growth. The film portraits from the exhibit will be curated in an online gallery and published in a photo book available through their website
Sit/Stay Gallery is an informal non traditional art space outdoors. Located in northern Illinois, Sit/Stay serves as a space to show artwork outdoors. Artists looking to experiment or subvert traditional gallery spaces would be the best fit for this space.