VOLTA Performing Arts

Step into the world of VOLTA, where dance is more than just movement—it’s a science-based, fun-filled journey of self-discovery for kids! Nestled in the heart of Logan Square, our studio celebrates each child’s unique potential with a dynamic approach that blends creativity, exercise, and social connection. Forget one-size-fits-all; at VOLTA, we champion individuality and safety, ensuring every child learns in a way that’s right for their body. Join us in redefining dance education with inclusivity, innovation, and a whole lot of joy!
We’ll be performing the thrilling battle scene between the mice and toy soldiers from The Nutcracker to promote our upcoming Nutcracker Camp in August.
Additionally, we will host a mini dance parade through the festival, encouraging attendees to join us in a conga line that leads to one of the music stages.
Lastly, one of our advanced dancers will perform as a living statue, posing and executing small dance steps on a platform, providing a unique photo opportunity for festival-goers.